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Specialist Lists:

Decision Makers: Finance


Postal: 163,600

Telephone: 83,400

Email: 52,900

Coverage: UK


Business Type
Employee Band
Turnover Band

SIC Code
Email Address
Telephone Number


This file represents the fruits of extensive research in order to identify specific named contacts responsible for financial decisions across UK businesses.

This file covers Financial Directors and Managers, Credit Controllers, Accounts contacts and many more. Postal, telemarketing and email contact channels are all available.

The data is pooled from a variety of sources including directory information, membership bodies, and Companies House data; together with desk, telephone and web research. Aggregating data from a number of sources creates a larger file, and also allows for greater verification. The files are updated and cleaned on a monthly basis to ensure maximum deliverability.

As a member of the UK Direct Marketing Association, we adhere to its Best Practice guidelines on data hygiene. All data is compliant with current data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, and the UK Data Protection Act. We offer delivery guarantees on all contact channels and will refund the costs of any data which falls below our acceptability thresholds.

This data set can be linked to our main B2B file, enabling the selection of other decision makers to complement these contacts, or to select another senior contact where no financial contact is available for an organisation.

These contacts will be receptive to a wide range of offers, particularly those specific to their areas of expertise – together with more general promotions such as subscriptions and publishing, membership organisations, recruitment offers and corporate hospitality.

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