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Specialist Lists:

Industrial & Commercial


Postal: 106,000

Telephone: 79,000

Email: 68,000

Coverage: UK


Business Type
Employee Band
Turnover Band

SIC Code
Email Address
Telephone Number


The Industrial and Commercial file is designed to provide access to key contacts in larger businesses across the UK – those which make up the real powerhouses of the economy, across all commercial sectors. These blue-chip decisionmakers command significant budgets and are receptive to innovation and development opportunities.

Coverage spans all commercial business sectors, including manufacturing, financial services and an enormous range of business and consumer services. A wide range of contacts are available, ranging from senior directors to finance, personnel, sales & marketing, and information technology.

The available selection criteria are extremely broad, allowing targeting opportunities for business sectors, sizes of organisation and contact channel. Telephone and email data is available in addition to postal addresses.

The file is pooled from a variety of sources including directory information, membership bodies, and Companies House data; together with desk, telephone and web research. Aggregating data from a number of sources creates a larger file, and also allows for greater opportunities for verification. The file is updated on a monthly basis and screened against standard suppression files prior to supply.

This highly-responsive file should be considered for many promotions such as financial services, IT products, publishing and subscriptions, legal services and corporate hospitality, not to mention fundraising opportunities.

Please see the datacard for count breakdowns.

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