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Personal Assistants File Launched


Continuing to provide innovative B2B data solutions, Thinking Data have launched a brand new file of Personal Assistants

The file covers specific named contacts who are Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and Personal Secretaries across UK businesses. These individuals often provide a key gateway into larger organisations, working with senior executives at the highest level. They are hard-working, dedicated and frequently have wide-ranging decision-making powers. Their remits might include corporate events, hospitality, travel, diary planning and much more.

Postal, telemarketing and email contact channels are all available. 

Suitable users for this file would include hospitality, catering, events, travel, time management, merchandise and many more.

New File of Human Resources Decision Makers


Thinking Data have launched a database of Human Resources and Personnel decision makers across UK businesses.

Full details can be found on the specialist lists section of our website.

This file covers HR directors and managers, training and staff development contacts and many more. Postal, telemarketing and email contact channels are all available.

This data set can be linked to our main B2B file, enabling the selection of other decision makers to complement these contacts, or to select another senior contact where no human resources or personnel contact is available for an organisation.

These contacts will be receptive to a wide range of offers, including those specific to their areas of expertise – together with more general promotions such as subscriptions and publishing, membership organisations, legal and payroll affairs, and corporate hospitality.

Rural Business Database Launched

Thinking Data is pleased to announce its latest list, which represents the fruits of exclusive research into rural postcodes, resulting in an unrivalled source of data which allows users to address the special requirements of businesses which are run from countryside locations.

The Rural Business file covers nearly 800,000 businesses. Take a look at the datacard here.

Apart from the obvious agricultural sector, this file identifies a huge range of other business types which exist in villages and rural sites across the UK. Whether you are looking to target accountants, pubs, hotels or manufacturing companies, this file will meet your requirements.

This file will be invaluable for a range of products which address the needs of companies in a rural setting, which often exist without the infrastructure which urban businesses take for granted, including: finance and insurance, power management, security, transport, environmental issues and countryside stewardship.

Decision Makers Data

Expanding our portfolio of business data opportunities once again, Thinking Data have launched a trio of Decision Maker lists, covering IT, Marketing & Sales, and Finance.

Extensively researched, the files have been built in order to identify specific named contacts. Postal, telemarketing and email contact channels are all available.

Full details can be found on the specialist lists section of our website.

Data is pooled from a variety of sources including directory information, membership bodies, and Companies House data; together with desk, telephone and web research. Aggregating data from a number of sources creates a larger prospect pool, and also allows for greater levels of verification. The files are updated and cleaned on a monthly basis to ensure maximum deliverability.

These data sets can be linked to our main B2B file, enabling the selection of other decision makers to complement these contacts, or to select another senior contact where a specific contact is not available for an organisation.

New File: Industrial & Commercial

Thinking Data are delighted to announce the launch of the Industrial & Commercial file, which provides access to key contacts in larger businesses across the UK - those which make up the real powerhouses of the economy, across all commercial sectors. These blue-chip decisionmakers command significant budgets and are receptive to innovation and development opportunities.

Coverage spans all commercial business sectors, including manufacturing, financial services and an enormous range of business and consumer services. A wide range of contacts are available, ranging from senior directors to finance, personnel, sales & marketing, and information technology.

"This is a significant launch for Thinking Data," notes Stephen Cook, "and should be considered for many promotions such as financial services, IT products, publishing and subscriptions, legal services and corporate hospitality, not to mention fundraising opportunities."

Clubs Database Update Complete

The Clubs Associations & Institutes Database has undergone a significant update process over recent months, now offering 54,000 records, including new club categories and improved volumes.

The file is a perennial favourite with the Group Travel and Visitor Attraction industry sectors, providing an unrivalled source of targeted organisations who are looking for new leisure opportunities. It also works well for fundraising, vehicle hire and purchase, and a range of offers aimed at venues.

Big Updates for Two Data Files

Thinking Data is delighted to announce significant new updates for two of its key business-to-business databases.

As a result of a sustained period of work to establish new data sources, the Accommodation Catering & Venues file has grown by over 25% to cover 285,000 establishments, while the Independent Retailers database has grown by 15%, providing access to 264,000 high street retailers.

The volumes above are for postal data - telemarketing and email data is also available.

Accommodation Catering & Venues covers an enormous range of hospitality, catering, venues and travel-related businesses across the UK. Independent Retailers addresses a much-neglected sector of the retail economy which continues to hold its own even in troubled economic times.

Thinking Data's Stephen Cook notes the need for constant data renewal: "It's all too easy for a list owner to sit on a niche list like this, doing a bit of housekeeping from time to time, while the overall quality of the data gradually decays. We've made a commitment to a proper overhaul programme for our specialist data files, which has resulted in the exciting new volumes available here."

Clubs Database Refreshed

Thinking Data is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Clubs, Associations & Institutes database, incorporating newly researched data, new categories, and improved volumes in many key areas.

This highly responsive data source targets clubs, business associations, societies and other membership organisations across the UK with a total volume of over 46,300 records.

The types of organisation covered range from professional & amateur sports clubs, to social clubs, community centres and youth groups. Along the way, it takes in the likes of chess clubs, cycling clubs, women’s clubs, arts & cultural groups, bowling centres, and agricultural societies. The file also provides details of a range of business and enterprise membership organisations.

These bodies provide access to like-minded groups of people who share common interests or activities, and are ideal targets for offers for both their specific interest categories, and for a wide range of more general promotions, especially Group Travel, Visitor Attractions, Fundraising & Charities, Financial Services, and Catering & Cleaning Supplies.

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