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Specialist Lists

Our portfolio of professionally developed files for effective and responsive targeting of niche and specialist markets.


Click on the titles below to see more information for each database. You can then download the complete PDF datacard with full volumes and costs.

Can't see what you want here? No problem! Just let us know your precise requirements, and we'll provide exactly the data you need.


Wide-ranging database of catering, hospitality and entertainment businesses. If you're looking for pubs, hotels, restaurants, campsites, attractions and so on - this is the one.


Information technology contacts in UK businesses. Covers IT Directors and Managers and many other specialists in the sector. Excellent for all relevant promotions.


Provides access to key decision-maker contacts in larger blue-chip businesses across the UK, commanding significant budgets and hungry for innovative offers. 


Unique, responsive and highly sought-after database of membership organisations, including sports clubs, social clubs and many more. Fully selectable by type of organisation.


Highly responsive file of marketing and sales contacts across UK businesses, from small businesses to large corporates. Also includes communications and PR contacts.


Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants and Personal Secretaries are highly-influential contacts working with senior executives at the highest level.  


One-stop database for financial contacts throughout UK businesses. Includes Finance Directors, Managers, Credit Controllers, Accountants and many more.


Comprehensive file of GP surgeries and health centres across the country. Provides access to both administrative and clinical staff in order to provide the right targets for a wide variety of offers.


Targets the full range of businesses which operate from rural locations throughout the UK. They are particularly receptive to products and services which reflect their needs and priorities.


Human Resources and Personnel contacts across UK businesses. The perfect targets for promotions relating to this field, plus training payroll and legal.


Database of autonomous High Street outlets, covering every conceivable product and service. Suitable for a wide range of retail-related applications.


A specialist file of small offices and home-based businesses. These types of business are the bedrock of the UK economy and are receptive to a wide range of offers.

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