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Specialist Lists:

Accommodation Catering & Venues


Postal: 285,000

Telephone: 195,000

Email: 61,000

Coverage: UK


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This extensive file has been built with the intention of offering complete coverage businesses which offer leisure and entertainment services to the public (and to other businesses) across the UK.

The data is segmented into categories for easy targeting as follows:

  • Accommodation & Hospitality: Hotels, guest houses, youth hostels, etc., offering holiday or other accommodation.

  • Activities: A variety of entertainment and leisure activities, from bingo halls to golf clubs, and many more.

  • Business Hospitality: Companies providing catering and other facilities in the business sector.

  • Catering, Food and Drink: The largest part of the file, including restaurants, pubs, other licensed premises, and takeaways.

  • Miscellaneous Services: Other services providers, including fireworks, discos and wedding services.

  • Supplies: Trade suppliers to the various other businesses here.

  • Travel and Tourism: Businesses which provide a gateway to many of the other facilities included here.

  • Visits and Venues: Destination venues for holidaymakers or day-trippers, ranging from art galleries to wildlife parks and zoos.

The Accommodation, Catering & Venues database is built from a variety of researched sources, and regularly cleaned and updated.

This file will be invaluable for a huge range of promotions, from general business offers to those specific to this sector, including: catering supplies, financial services, security, training, point-of-sale, legal and licensing issues, and related wholesalers and manufacturers.

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