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Specialist Lists:

General Practitioners Database


Postal: 14,000

Telephone: 8,400

Email: 2,700

Coverage: UK


Employee Band
Turnover Band

Job Function/Title

Email Address
Telephone Number


At the heart of local communities, General Practitioners, their practices, and their support staff, hold a unique position in the front line of the NHS.


This extensive file has been built to provide access to those organisations and the individuals who work for them.


Frequently operating as autonomous organisations, they have both the conventional need for goods and services in common with any small business, and also highly specialist medical and pharmaceutical requirements.


This file covers both administrative, managerial and clinical staff, including practice managers, senior partners and GPs in general. Postal, telemarketing and email contact channels are all available.


The General Practitioners Database will be invaluable for a range of offers including:


  • General office supplies

  • Medical equipment

  • Pharmaceutical supplies

  • Financial offers

  • Subscriptions and publishing

  • Specialist and general recruitment opportunities


The data is pooled from a variety of sources to allows for greater scope and verification. The files are updated and cleaned on a monthly basis to ensure maximum deliverability. All data is compliant with current data protection legislation, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, and the UK Data Protection Act.

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