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Specialist Lists:

Rural Business


Postal: 793,000

Telephone: 357,000

Email: 200,000

Coverage: UK


Business Type
Employee Band
Turnover Band


SIC Code
Email Address
Telephone Number


The Rural Business file has been built through exclusive research into rural postcodes, resulting in an unrivalled source of data which allows users to target the special requirements of businesses which are run from countryside locations.

Apart from the obvious agricultural sector, this file identifies a huge range of other business types which exist in villages and rural sites across the UK. Whether you are looking to target accountants, pubs, hotels or manufacturing companies, this file will meet your requirements.

The vast majority of data is available with a named senior contact, and all of the usual selections which apply to our business data.

This file will be invaluable for a range of products which address the needs of companies in a rural setting, which often exist without the infrastructure which urban businesses take for granted, including:

• Financial Services
• Power Management
• Security
• Transport and Vehicles
• Insurance
• Environmental Issues
• Membership Organisations
• Countryside Stewardship

Data is pooled from a variety of sources including directory information, membership bodies, and Companies House data; together with desk, telephone and web research. The files are updated and cleaned on a monthly basis, and deliverability guarantees apply to all orders.

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