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Public Sector Data


Postal: 175,000

Telephone: 166,000

Email: 131,000

Coverage: UK


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Public Sector Data is a meticulously compiled database covering key decision makers within all aspects of public sector organisations. Built and updated on a continuous rolling basis through desk and telephone research, the database offers extremely high levels of accuracy, with each contact being verified on average every four months. 

Sectors covered are as follows:

• Central Government/Civil Service
• Criminal Justice
• Further & Higher Education
• Housing Associations
• Local Government
• The Health Service
• Care Homes
• Parish Councils

The database gives users access to a wide range of senior-level contacts, typically commanding large budgets across extensive multi-site establishments, throughout the UK. They frequently have multiple responsibilities, and a key facet of the research behind this file is the ability to identify all the appropriate contacts for a particular target audience. Areas include HR, Education, IT, Facilities and Environmental concerns, and many more.

Email addresses are available on 75% of records, and telephone numbers on 95%.

This file has proved highly effective for an enormous range of organisations including conferences and events, training, lobbying, products and services and more.

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